Silly Studious Stress Sleeps

I start school this coming week and as each of these words unravel so does my belly! Butterflies fight and flutter, excited and afraid. 

If that makes sense. But hey, go easy on me. I'm nothin' but an uneducated twenty something trying to get her point across. Plus - NO SLEEP. I repeat. No.... okay 1 hour of sleep. Which is practically no sleep. Well, 3 hours. But 3 hours? You expect me to function on 3 hours? I think I could function better on 1 or 2 - you're so tired that you more feel the buzz, the high from your fatigue, like  a little girl after her first slumber party. But 3 hours? I tasted it - I was so close to getting an adequate sleep. Half way to a descent, energizing slumber. But alas, that was not my fate. 

Something I have been thinking a lot about this Fall, as everyone feels the energy stirring and people embark on new adventures - How hard it is to decipher a persons two voices of "reason". We have fearful "reason", where quotations become necessary, and then we have gut reason, what we truly know to be true about ourselves, what we want, what we like, what we should do next, etc. But sometimes those voices speak through the same microphone, they wear the same mask. How does one decipher the sound of their gut from the sound of their fear? 

Hm. I think I'll sleep on it.