The Aftermath

The transition from travel to routine. Transient to reliable, permanent. 

That fucking backpack! Oh that sweet weight, crushing my shoulders. I miss it.

The sweat, the spontaneity, the hassle. I love it all, I miss it all. 

All of the most beautiful people, and they treated me like family, like more than family, like the special guest. What did I do right, why do I deserve all of this love, this friendship? Whatever it is, I am eternally grateful. I have the most incredible, unique, and beautiful human beings in my life. 



My trip to Europe this spring was....  - 

Incredible (5)

Amazing (8)

Awesome (2)

Unreal (1)

Fantastic (3)

Enjoyable (1)

Lovely (10)*

* numbers beside words represent the amount of times I have used them to describe my trip in the last 7 days.


The trip started out in Manchester. I visited my good friends Nicola and Richard - two of the goofiest people I've ever met and, together, a couple that is worth admiring. Their relationship is a partnership, this perfectly balanced duo that base's everything off of respect, love, and laughter. This beautiful couple educated me on life, love, and the vegan lifestyle, and then sent me on my way! 

From Manchester we made our way to Edinburgh, Scotland. Over a year ago I fell in friendship with Michelle. I met her at work in Vancouver and we very quickly became inseparable. Soon after I met her she moved to Scotland and I had been planning ever since to visit her. Edinburgh was beautiful - it was rain and rainbows, cobblestone and stumbles, comfort food and ginger beer.